Data Science and A New Era

In the world of the modern era, we are surrounded by machines and technology. Data Science is one of the tools that create new technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity, etc. Data science means extracting useful data for the use of solving problems, gather information for marketing, recommendations based on our search history. It has been impacting our lives for so many years. But in recent years, due to the high technical demand, it has become more demanding. 

Data science plays a vital role in artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are interconnected with each other in simple ways such that data science cleans the data and converts it into information.

Artificial intelligence stores the information and learns new things, while Machine learning implement knowledge and also predicts the action. Hence, when we study and learn about data science, it includes artificial intelligence, machine learning and programming languages like python, R, Java Script too.

Why Data Science is Important?

The innovations in technology are growing day by day, but it needs constant research and upgrades with time too. Data scientist research and make the data reliable for use. Data science has been used in every field it helps to solve business problems; it also empowers management and officers to make better decisions with help of right information.

Today each field runs based on information even though if it is government or organizations like United Nations make use of data science to improve its working across the globe. Programming languages like python is a big contribution in data science. It is easy, simple and anyone can upgrade at any time. We can forecast the future results which are based on the information and with the use of mathematics and algorithms, best examples are prediction of stock markets, production sales, and weather.  

How does Data Science Work?

  • Understanding the problem

The first step is to find problems or objectives of the topic. Understanding the problem helps to start research from the right source.

  • Getting the right data 

Right data is a key of good results and expected outcomes. Collecting data is not a simple task, for that you have to explore every area of research like market, social media, trending products and services, sometimes old documents and statements too.

  • Exploratory data analysis

The next step is to clean data for further process, you’ll need some kind of patterns to analyze and convert raw data into information. The pattern can be frequently bought products, sales reductions, the most search questions about the topic. This pattern will save your time and will get useful data.

  • Predictive Modelling

Data Scientists use multiple algorithms and mathematics to make accurate model to forecast future behavior based on tests. After test, it is trained to make sure everything is fine. And it should be tested on regular basis and if it is not trained regularly the model may not perform well with the passage of time.

  • Deployment and Enhancement

The last step is implementation of the model into the production or services. It will be testified that the information you applied is correct. In case, model is not doing well, you can upgrade or repeat the data science life cycle chain.

How Data Science Domain Technologies?

  • Agriculture

Data science aids agriculture to drive production and yield optimization. Through this we can give proper guidance to manage water supply and minimize the water wastage. It also forecasts weather and will be quite helpful in preventing agriculture losses.

  • Government 

Of courses, the government has to run the entire country, so it’s important to keep every detail about each individual. Data science helps to maintain the calculation of taxes, PAN card numbers, Aadhaar card numbers etc. It is also leading to proper distributions and management of electricity, water connections, and gas cylinders.

  • Businesses Problem

We know that data science is used in business to solve problems with the use of algorithmic, statistics, analytical, applications. In simple language, the problem which has huge data, analytics objectives, supervised learning, and unsupervised learning are the parts of the problem.

Data sciences analytically solve these problems and improve the quality of your business. Developing new products and services is the purpose of the business, companies and services like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google use data science strategy.

  • Financial and Banking Services

In this sector, data science mainly studies on branch network analytics, consumer behavior analytics, and trading & investment analytics. It can prevent financial risk, banking frauds etc. Through Data science, we can study the various kinds of customer acquisition strategies, so that the consumer can be benefited with best services.

  • Healthcare

Advancement in healthcare technology enabled us to study heart rates and medical image analysis, and the sources are CT-Scan, MRI, and X-Rays. Data science also proved to be boon in drug research, analytical predictions, genomics to study disease, medicine and to make vaccines.

  • E-Commerce

Data science focuses on customer group targeting, and maintaining a competitive advantage. Recommendations and offer engines are widely used in business to advertise product and services. We can keep accurate feedback from customers about each product, and analytic studies research to study social sentiment analytics.

  • Mining and Energy

Geologists and engineers are analyzing, manipulating and visualizing geological data. These studies also predict asset management and the topics like demand forecasting and pricing analytics and also the most famous topic supply chain management.

  • Manufacturing

Productions schedules, forecasting of product demands, and production needs a plan and accurate procedure to fulfill all requirements to make products. Sometimes, it includes smart factory and automation new to design to ease manufacturing process. Hence, we can use six sigma processes (Define, Measure, Analyze, improve and control).

  • Media and Entertainment

At a floor level, data science technology insights can assist the media and entertainment industry with forecasting, operations research, subject matter modelling, person segmentation, and content material recommendations.

Data science can even personalize content delivery, consumer behavior and insights for consumer profiling. For example, Netflix’s information analytics desk has helped the business enterprise with commercial enterprise and technical choices together with making plans of budgets, locating locations, constructing sets, and pitching actors.


Data science is a vast concept, and it works in each industry and solves business problems too. Hence, it is a mixture of mathematics, statistic, software development, AI and ML. The truth is data science domains technology in every aspect, even though they are interconnected with each other and depends on each other. 

Millions of people travel every day, work every day, search every day, it is important to manage systems like airline and train tickets, recommendation engines. The sexiest and thrilling job for 21st century is of data scientist.

To make something new using data science we need information, we need raw data, but it’s not the only thing. How we are going to use that data? which resources need for research? are the important topics and data science covers all these topics. I would say try to learn how to analyze the data to extract the precious data out of it, and make millions. In this century data is money and it’s your time to become millionaire.

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