Transforming the Future through Electrification of Transport

Now a day, people have come to realize how use of fossil fuels is degrading environment. Since fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy, it costs very high these days. Every person cannot afford petrol, diesel and to prevent all these problems innovations are needed. 

The concept of electrification has already come to practice in 19s, but that time it doesn’t feel needed to anyone. But with time, emission of carbon has increased with the use of transportation’s for traveling by use of motorbikes, cars, and trains etc.

Electrification is done through renewable resources. This resource is environment friendly and is cheap. We can use it anywhere, anytime. It is limitless source and anyone can create. Hence, the dependency of one country on another will not be needed. 

This innovation didn’t stop here. Even though electric vehicles are environment friendly, but it doesn’t catch up with vehicle which run on fossil fuel, hence to speed up vehicles, roads and highways are also converting into electric batteries. Yes, we can charge it while driving in slow speed, but this problem will be solved with time.

Benefits of Electrification of Transportation

  • Environment

Environment is one of the biggest reasons behind the scope of electrification of transportation. Electricity in transportation doesn’t lead to emission of carbon or any other harmful gases.

  • Fossil Fuel

Petrol, diesel, oil used in many vehicles or nearly in every vehicle but, with the use of electricity we can reduce the cost of petrol and also prevent import duty and taxes.

  • Safe to drive

It is very safe to drive because the overuse or constant driving of vehicles, the lithium-ion battery become more heated and as a result blast could happen any moment.

  • Cheaper to maintain

Due to on board charger inverter and motor there is no need to replace of the parts. The plus point is the servicing cost is low as compared to diesel and petrol car. Even government reduces the cost by providing subsidies on electric vehicle.

  • Easy home charging

We can charge the vehicle at home when you have parked the vehicle in garage by only plugging cable. Like mobile, charging speed and battery is depend on the various car of the companies like Tesla, Tata with different capacity power of batteries and sometimes they have nearly same capacity.

Types of electrification of transportation  

Car, bike, trains, road and highway are the examples of electrification. Some of them are explained below:

  • Electric vehicle (EV)

Electronic car and bikes are run on electricity by charging batteries instead of petrol and diesel. It saves so much fuel that produces electricity and will reduce air pollution which generate through cars and trucks. Electric vehicle is made by battery, charge port, DC/CD converter, thermal system, transmission, Electric traction motor etc. these are the main functions of electric vehicle.  

  • Electric Railway

Electric railway uses electric locomotive because it is more reliable powerful and then diesel and electric multiple units for self-propelled carriage means it will help to move without any external support unlike electric locomotive.

Railway doesn’t use external or local fuels it runs on electricity, not completely, but some amount depends on creation and modification. The use of electricity in trains has used in every country. Many countries use electricity instead of coal and fossil fuel.

  • Electric highway

E-highway is a new concept which is already implemented in Sweden and Germany. E- Highway is where we can charge vehicle by driving and no need to stop at station to recharge it by pantograph model. It works a little bit like a train where train has contact arm attached on the top of train like that it also has attached to the electric vehicle.  But only 20% of the highway will have pantograph model.

How Electrification of transport is transforming the future?

Electrification of transport is really going to transform the future because of the use of renewable energy. It will help to reduce carbon emission, petrol and diesel import cost, much safer than fossil fuels vehicles. Even government is reducing taxes on electric vehicle, so people will switch the choices to them. It will also benefit our future generation so they can live in fresh air and they won’t face health issues like us because of pollution.

Electrification is not only the advance technology or new innovation. It is a new way of living a life and the only option to live pollution free environment. Not entirely but some amount, so we can live in positive and safe environment.

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