Green AI – Can Artificial Intelligence Sustain Evolution in 2022?

One of the biggest innovations in the history is Artificial Intelligence in 2022. No one ever dreamed about that robot can think and feel like humans, but it is possible now. The functions of AI can apply anywhere in robots, laptops, and mobile phone, etc.  Artificial intelligence means intelligence which run in machine and other electronic devices, and the intelligence are made by various programming language, computer languages, and algorithms, which also help them to learn constantly.

Artificial intelligence needs more and more storage capacity to store data and for other things too. Due to a lot of use of technology, people are more concern for the high cost and negative impacts. Therefore, since last decades Researchers are more focusing on Green AI.

Green AI

So, what is Green AI? Is the color is green? We can say that too, the color can be green because Green AI is Environment friendly, not because it protects forests or water but because to reduce computationally expenses, carbon emission, electricity usages, elapsed real time. It will also give options to the scientists and researchers to uses other resources instead of high-cost computers and Red AI.

Allen Institute for AI published a paper in August 2019 on Green AI. The purpose is to find unique ways to research, and it can make universities and undergraduate working on laptop more advance into deep learning.

According to Allen institute for AI, “The term Green AI refers to research that yields novel results while taking into account the computational cost, encouraging or reduction in resources spent.” The definition explains the same as above, that the purpose of Green AI is to reduce massive computer costs and energy.

Red AI    

Red AI means where researches are done with use of massive computer energy, linear examples and logarithms and just like opposite of Green AI. Hence, from the above explanations of Red AI, you understood the need of Green AI.

Can artificial intelligence sustain Evolution?

But due to constant and increasing growth of artificial intelligence, the area where technology impacted the most is climate change. Hence, it is important to find alternative ways to improve the technology that will sustain for long time.

The UK Government has acknowledged the importance of Green AI, which will help them in four transformative global trends set out in the UK Industrial Strategy. This is a big challenge for any country because of high research cost. They released £200 million in funding to 1000 new PhD places over next 5 years, to study AI that could help industries more sustainable.

Not only that, the collaboration between the UK Government Office for AI, the Open Data Institute and Innovate UK has also sustained in global food waste reduction efforts in 2018.

The European Commission acknowledges that “AI systems promise to help [tackle] the most pressing concerns, including climate change and environmental degradation.”

Green AI is obviously is a great option for computational cost, reduce carbon emission and definitely will change an outlook towards AI. Green AI will make cheaper in unique ways in future, and it will sustain for long time too.

There is no doubt that AI will not sustain evolution in any sector in mobile phone, agriculture researches, mental health and even at homes we are surrounded with artificial intelligence. The concept is not yet widely known, but it will be sooner or later when everyone will know the impacts of it.

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